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"Madam President, now here is a subject with an apparently cross-border aspect. Adoptions do take place across national borders, and it seems sensible to have a framework. Of course, immediately one runs up against the fact that most cross-border adoptions are not limited to EU Member States. There is a lot of adoption that takes place from outside the EU. And here’s the good news: it regulated by an international framework; it is regulated by the Hague Convention of 1993. So why do we need additional EU regulation that applies narrowly only to one part of the world? I suppose it is conceivable that there are some gaps that need to be filled in. But again countries could surely opt in on a bilateral or multilateral basis without needing to involve the entire bureaucracy of the European Union? I have said it before and I’ll say it again: international cooperation beats supranational government every time."@en1

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