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"Mr President, in June 2016, I and a poultry producer complained to the European Commission about the abuse of the flat-rate VAT scheme in Ireland. Despite new legislation being passed, we still have delays and hold—ups with no serious attempt to counter this abuse. Yet, one year ago, emails between Irish Revenue and Finance explicitly showed knowledge of this abuse: in one of these emails, it states ‘abuse of flat-rate addition happening in certain sectors’. Examples include avoidance in the poultry industry, where the price of poultry feed is artificially inflated by the processor, who contracts with the farmer to rear poultry, resulting in an inflated amount of flat—rate VAT addition, etc. This is been happening in some cases since 2004, and yet it continues. So what does this say to VAT-compliant farmers and processors? What does this mean for other agricultural sectors that have to compete? And finally, in the same week that Commissioner Vestager was in Dublin speaking about illegal staid aid to Apple, is this illegal state aid to the poultry sector?"@en1

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