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"Madam President, in transport, as in other areas, policy tends to be constantly playing catch—up with technology. Next time you’re standing at a busy junction, count how many people are driving for a living, one way or another – bus drivers, van drivers, Uber drivers, black cab drivers and delivery men – and then ponder the thought that, in 10 or 15 years, almost all those jobs will be redundant – replaced by driverless cars or drones. A lot of people find that a very frightening prospect, and yet we’ve heard the same argument with every new technology. When the industrial revolution happened, there was a constant backlash of people saying that the only real jobs were on the land, and that there would never be enough factory jobs to support all those people; when the economy was moved from industry to service, exactly the same arguments were made: that there wouldn’t be enough jobs cutting each other’s hair and flipping burgers. But what those arguments miss is that when you free up time through technological innovation, people are liberated to create whole new industries that nobody dreamed of. Who saw these things coming 15 years ago? There will be more jobs than ever."@en1

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