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"Mr President, Claude Moraes and many other colleagues have spoken about the real suffering that is going on. NGOs are telling us about people living in substandard accommodation, with thousands trapped on the Balkan route, including unaccompanied children. We are hearing that there are 300 unaccompanied children in Belgrade living in squats. So it is an urgent situation and we need to do something. Elena Valenciano spoke about the limbo, and in this limbo what we have to try and do is make people’s lives as comfortable and as near to normal as possible. One of the ways to do that is to get people onto some kind of cash voucher scheme. Instead of people having to get their food provided by kitchens, and having to queue up at soup kitchens, we can give them cash to buy local food that helps them lower the costs and also gives a bit more dignity. I wonder if there is any update on the progress there, and also on the issue of children and education. There are many children who have been out of education for many years. I know this is a priority of yours, Commissioner, and it would be very helpful for this House to have an update. To the Maltese Presidency, I would say that we know that you are doing your best. We know that Greece is not easy. I am not here criticise Greece. My own country hasn’t done anything like what Greece has done. These are very difficult situations and I think we just need to pull together to tackle the emergency. And then of course we have the big policy issues we need to come back to."@en1

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