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"Mr President, I would like to welcome the Prime Minister and welcome the Maltese Presidency. You are starting your Presidency in a very challenging context, with Europe being surrounded by many sources of tension and, with the Putin effect on the one hand and the Trump effect on the other, the calls for nationalistic solutions. But we Europeans really believe in united solutions, cooperative solutions, and European unity and solidarity are more important than ever. That is why this should be translated into an ambitious road map to be adopted in Rome on 25 March 2017, because we need once and for all to assert the European Union as a strong, economic, social, political and democratic power. We need to use the roadmap for this and to reconnect with our citizens with this purpose. We believe in our Group that the road map should be an ambitious one, a progressive one. It means that if we start with the Bratislava road map, which pointed out the need for strengthening European defence and security, we can agree with it but also say clearly that it is not enough. We need to have a road map where social Europe is really at the heart to reconnect with citizens, making the best of the upcoming European pillar of social rights, and we need also to make sure that the growth and jobs strategy will be underpinned by a more powerful investment plan, aligned with sustainable development goals, and these goals should also inspire our development policy because this is the only way to go to the source of the oncoming migration wave. We need to cooperate with third countries, developing countries, to help them to address their development problems. This is the real root of the challenge coming from migration. And then of course, as you just mentioned, Prime Minister, another big test for your Presidency is to come up with a real European asylum system where we can again restate our values, because we cannot go on like that. What is happening with refugees so far is shameful. And finally, we need to translate this into credible financial instruments, financial means, which means to align the Community budget to support all these goals, and to make sure that eurozone Member States also have the instruments to implement these objectives. So we are waiting for the Commission White Paper. We would like also to have a powerful and balanced reform of the Economic and Monetary Union, and we count on your Presidency to support this push. To conclude: a road map to prepare Europe for the future, a road map to reconnect again with citizens, is in your hands."@pt2

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