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"Mr President, I supported this report on the fight against VAT fraud. Right now, Irish Revenue is carrying out an extensive examination and review of the flat-rate scheme for farmers and other players in the poultry sector. The Commission is also investigating the matter on the basis of a complaint that a colleague and I submitted, specifically in respect of Sicín Co-operative Society and the processor Carton Bros. In particular, Irish Revenue has said, in response to the Commission, that Ireland is aware there is a risk that manipulation of the price of feed sold by the processor to the Co-op, and then on to the members of the Co-op, could artificially increase the consideration charged by the member to the Co-op for his rearing services, thereby increasing the amount of the flat-rate addition in respect of the rearing services. In my view, when the price of feed is artificially increased it increases the price of flesh and artificially increases the amount of flat-rate VAT that can be claimed back. This basically means that it is taken out of the amount of VAT paid by ordinary citizens on their purchases and by businesses who do not have specific arrangements. We are all the poorer for it."@en1

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