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"Mr President, we are often told that we need to be at the top table. It was a refrain throughout the recent UK referendum, but this report is a reminder that the top tables these days are global, rather than European. In this instance – the Basel III rules, the implementation of rules on financing and banking – the EU is, if you like, a regional subcontractor. It implements a decision that has been taken at a higher level, because of course finance is not continental but is worldwide in its scope and its movements. And the result of the European Union’s competence in this question is that all of our Member States are, in effect, represented around that table by one 28th of a European Commissioner or the relevant deputising official. How on earth can that be in the interests of an economy like my country’s, which depends heavily on financial services? One of the huge bonuses of taking back our place at the world table is that we will once again be able to speak in our own interests, rather than having to contract everything through a bureaucracy which may occasionally have an interest that coincides with ours but usually, as we have learned, does not."@en1

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