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"Madam President, on Wednesday this Parliament will vote on a resolution that I co-authored with other MEPs. This resolution asks Parliament to refer the Canadian trade deal, CETA, to the European Court of Justice to decide if the proposed investor protection courts are compatible with the EU Treaties. These investor protection courts appoint their own judges and they are not answerable to national or European courts. President Juncker, in one of his first speeches to this House, said: ‘My Commission will not accept that the jurisdiction of courts in EU Member States be limited by special regimes for investor-to-state disputes’. Yet that is exactly what is happening. I am horrified that Ireland has provisionally signed this deal without rigorous debate and vote in our Dáil. We are the only country in the EU not to have these special investor courts in our legislation and yet we will leave ourselves open to multi-million-euro claims in these courts if we agree the deal. Our Seanad voted to reject the deal and the very least our Dáil can do is to debate and vote on CETA. In this context I hope this Parliament will vote on Wednesday to support the resolution if for nothing else but to have legal certainty."@en1

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