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"I voted in favour of the Report on the European Semester for economic policy coordination: implementation of 2016 priorities. Europe still faces a major investment deficit, and the need is to increase internal demand and correct macroeconomic imbalances, while further increasing investment in the EU. Unemployment in general remains one of the main challenges that Member States are facing. The report notes with concern that the EU economy will grow less than expected on the basis of the European economic spring forecast 2016, as GDP in the eurozone is expected to increase by only 1.6%, reaching 1.8% by 2017. Moreover, it stresses that the challenges in the EU are linked to the deteriorating international environment, the failure to implement sustainable reforms and the divergences in the economic and social performance in different parts of the Union. I voted in favour because I believe that further measures are needed to increase financing opportunities, notably for SMEs, and to reduce non-performing loans (NPLs), in the euro area and in conformity with EU legislation, in order to make bank balance sheets sounder and thereby increase the ability of banks to lend to the real economy."@sl2

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