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"The European Semester is the EU’s annual cycle of economic policy guidance and surveillance. I am pleased to share the European Parliament’s input into the second phase of the Semester 2016 focusing on the country specific implementation of priorities agreed within the Annual Growth Survey 2016 report in February. Last year’s heavily right-wing report was replaced by socially balanced structural reforms and increased investment as supported by the S&D Group. Thankfully, the report now clearly focuses on the need to increase investment in the EU in order to create more growth, convergence, quality jobs and fight poverty and inequality. Also following the inclusion of the opinion from the Employment and Social Affairs Committee, the report now calls for a social imbalance procedure to be introduced into the economic coordination and a European minimum income framework to fight social exclusion in the EU. I urge that the EU and the Member States better implement the revised economic policy mix which aims at increasing investment linked to EU2020 policies objectives including quality employment, education, innovation and growth enhancing policies."@cs1

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