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"I support the report as it clearly focuses on the need to increase investment in the EU in order to create more growth, convergence, quality jobs and fight poverty and inequality. Hence, I strongly support the introduction of the social imbalance procedure into the economic coordination and the proposed European minimum income framework to fight social exclusion in the EU. The EU and the Member States need to better implement the revised economic policy mix, which aims at increasing investment linked to EU2020 policy objectives including quality employment, education, innovation and growth enhancing policies. The single market is a pillar of the EU economy, therefore I am in favour of an inclusive single market, with enhanced governance, which favours better regulation and competition, which I believe is a crucial instrument to improve growth, cohesion, employment and competitiveness and to preserve the confidence of the business sector and consumers. The Commission should monitor the progress made by the Member States, the formal inclusion of the single-market pillar in the European Semester is very important to enable continuous monitoring of single-market indicators, allowing for systematic follow-up and assessment of Member States’ progress on CSRs."@ro2

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