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"This report underlines the need for urgent action to address all human rights violations faced by migrants, which are most acute in situations of pressure due to security challenges and natural disasters. According to the UNHRC, the 65 million displaced people are affected by humanitarian conflicts resulting from violent conflicts and worldwide economic situations. The report asks the European Union and its Member States to lead by example in promoting and protecting the human rights of migrants, notably within their own borders, and to systematically incorporate migration issues as a component of their political dialogue with all countries. The report calls on the EU to provide technical assistance to improve national and local migrant integration policies and to step up its foreign policies in bringing peace and stability to those areas where war and conflict trigger enormous migration flows to the European Union. I support this report as we need as much visibility and acknowledgement as possible towards the issue of human rights violations faced by migrants, as well as solutions to what triggers the enormous flows of migration to the European Union."@ro2

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