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"The religious dictatorship of Iran has a long track record of deception, breaking its international commitments and trying to obtain weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, any initiative to radically normalise relations with such a regime must be based on clear conditionality between developing economic relations on one hand and Iran’s progress in the field of human rights on the other hand. This crucial nexus was absent from the report in question. It remained unbalanced, full of wishful thinking and overdue optimism. Advancing first and foremost the economic interests will result in benefits for big EU companies and help Iran’s regime to survive, but can do little if anything to guarantee civil rights and rule of law. It is ironic that the rapporteur has tried to associate sound criticism of the report with ‘lobbying interests’. The opposite could be more true. The impact of powerful lobbyists might have made the text so ambiguous and generous for clerical dictators that any serious demands for genuine change in their behaviour on human rights were watered down. Therefore, after five amendments submitted by 76 Members were narrowly defeated, I had no option but to remain in harmony with my better conscience and to vote against the report."@et1

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