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"Mr President, what was the signature act of the Iranian revolution? It was the siege of the US embassy, right? Think of how extraordinary that was. I mean if the United States were to invade Cuba tomorrow we would expect diplomats to be peacefully evacuated through neutral third countries. The seizure of a legation building was sending out the clearest message imaginable: your notions of territorial jurisdiction and national sovereignty do not apply to us. And sure enough, the ayatollahs went on as they had started, refusing to recognise any notion of law between nations and sponsoring terrorist movements from the khanates of the old Silk Road to as far afield as Buenos Aires. When you have a State that refuses by definition to operate within the norms of the comity of nations, that rejects the whole principle of national sovereignty, you cannot expect to do deals with it as you would a functioning civil state. And I cannot resist making the point that when you reject national sovereignty outright you set yourself on a very dangerous path. Almost every tyranny has begun by refusing to accept the legitimacy of national democracy."@en1

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