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"I voted in favour of this report. Scrutiny and monitoring on how efficiently Member States incorporate Union law to their legislation is a cornerstone of well-functioning EU and by that closing the gaps between Member States in various aspects – economic, environmental, regional, and social and so on. I fully support the report, which points out that the EU is founded on the rule of law, and on the certainty and predictability of laws. The EU citizens must be the first to learn, in a clear, accessible, transparent and timely manner of whether and which national laws have been adopted through the transposition of EU laws, and of which national authorities are responsible for ensuring that they are correctly implemented. I welcome the efforts under the Interinstitutional Agreement regarding better law-making. Structured cooperation, better coordination and streamlining are key elements in ensuring better compliance today and in the future. The report also proposes establishing a new working group on Administrative Law that would enable the EP have a closer and more timely insight in the proceedings and provide a better basis to assess the actual situation on complying with Union law."@et1

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