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"Mr President, as a member of the European Parliament delegation, I have been observing the plebiscite in Columbia. Let me share with you my observations and a few conclusions. Last Sunday we witnessed Colombian democracy in action. We should fully respect the will of the Colombian people expressed during the plebiscite. The result of the plebiscite does not question in any way the will of the Colombian people to have peace and reconciliation in that country, which has been facing armed conflict, killings, kidnappings, displacements and all kinds of violence for 52 years. The perception in Europe that the ‘no’ camp voted in favour of war is totally wrong. The Colombian nation wants peace and voted for peace. The peace process in Colombia is irreversible. Bilateral ceasefire commitments made by the Colombian Government and FARC have been kept. The European Union will continue its support for the peace process in Colombia. President Santos and his government deserve our support in their efforts to reach a peace in Colombia without prejudging the content of the peace agreement, providing that the Colombian people endorse and approve it through the plebiscite. The result of the plebiscite clearly indicates that the final peace agreement has to be renegotiated and at least two issues are to be addressed, namely participation of FARC in the political process and impunity for FARC. The current peace agreement guarantees ten seats for FARC in the Colombian Congress and five seats in the Senate, without the need to be elected, plus justice reviews for FARC members. Now it is evident that a new phase of dialogue must be opened that should be inclusive and transparent. My last remark has regard to the delisting of FARC from the EU list of terrorist organisations. Following the signing of the peace agreement, the Council unanimously decided to temporarily delist FARC for six months, and sanctions against the FARC leadership have been dropped. The decision regarding delisting is conditional and is to be terminated immediately if FARC does not deliver on its promises of no violence and full disarmament. I suggest that the issue of the delisting of FARC be high on the agenda of High Representative Mogherini."@lt2

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