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"I am appalled by the news that the UK Government plans to introduce lists of foreign citizens working in the UK. Should they as the next step also start wearing an emblem on the shoulder to be noticeable? The UK has been a highly respected, although sometimes a difficult EU Member State. While regretting the outcome of the referendum, the EU is ready to negotiate on fair terms. Now it looks as if the UK has taken the approach of nothing to lose and has decided to mock European principles, ridicule and hinder EU plans for closer cooperation and, worst of all, punish equally Europeans and its own citizens. This is not responsible behaviour. I call on the UK to stop such bullying of the EU. Attempts to conduct an appeasement policy towards Russia have failed. Together with the Syrian dictator Assad, the Russian military is massacring in Syria what is left to massacre. It is highly concerning that a major military exercise, practising total war and nuclear attack, is taking place in Russia. The conclusion must be that EU cannot sink deeper in trying to accommodate itself to Putin’s aggressive politics. A state responsible for committing systematic war crimes cannot be the EU’s partner. Instead, the EU and the US should take joint action to end the war in Syria."@et1

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