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"Madam President, first of all let me thank my colleague Mr Neuser for his good work. We have recognised that ACP-EU cooperation is a unique achievement. It has intensified the ties between ACP and EU countries for the last four decades. I would like to highlight two elements that would improve the situation of the peoples of the partner countries: first, placing the 2030 agenda and the sustainable development goals at the centre of the new agreements; and, second, placing the human—rights aspect at the centre of European action. Migration and displacement will dominate the ACP-EU agenda for the future. A new agreement must address this expanding challenge. To increase political oversight, we need a strong parliamentary dimension in the new cooperation agreement. We must guarantee that European development partnerships are concluded only with regimes respecting human dignity. Where governments cannot be our partners, we must bring on board local communities that are ready to cooperate with us. Faith-based communities and their organisations represent the real local power in very many places. They often manage development programmes that are already functioning well. Their efficiency on the ground is remarkable. My strongest message today is that we must engage better with local communities and faith-based organisations in coordinated – and I underline again dialogue. Let me draw attention to the importance of local small and medium-sized enterprises: they are key to the improvement of communities and the extension of social cohesion. Lastly, the situation is quite clear: let us have cooperation with local powers and international actors to address the humanitarian situation which can no longer be overlooked in many ACP countries."@hu2

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