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"I voted in favour of this report. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund aiming to reduce the negative effects of large-scale redundancies and following job losses can be seen as a valuable tool bringing European added value to ensure re-employment. Some problems have occurred over the years and need further tackling. I welcome the efforts made to reduce the lengthy bureaucracy in processing the files by the European Commission. I welcome the shortened deadlines and clear timelines presented. The threshold of 500 is a step in the needed direction, but it still leaves smaller Member States where SMEs and bigger companies mostly do not reach this number out of the scope. Despite some possibilities to bypass this threshold, it should be further reviewed. Lastly, the re-employment rate is at 49% and 41% of re-employed individuals claim to be in worse conditions. This is a serious matter that the Member States jointly with the private sector and educational institutions need to find a better solution for. Efficient national measures must compliment the EGF to enable people to swiftly find a new job at a more or less same level."@et1

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