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"I voted in favour of this report. Last year, Parliament presented the same report and it was completely ignored by the Council. Fighting unemployment, especially youth unemployment, remains a major concern across Europe and, although it is the Member States implementing the requisite policies, a constructive dialogue between the institutions must take place to address this issue. The report underlines the need for a holistic approach to tackling unemployment and reducing poverty levels. It calls for the realisation of the objectives set in Europe 2020 and notes with concern that these have not yet been met. In that regard, calling for reductions in the 2017 budget to fight youth employment by cutting the budget line for the Youth Guarantee from EUR 6 billion to EUR 2 billion, as proposed by the Commission, is a grave mistake. I call upon the Council to join with Parliament to reject such cuts. Meaningful employment policies accompanied by relevant and up-to-date life-long learning schemes must enable barrier-free access to first employment, ensure a balanced work and family life, offer measures for successful re-employment when needed and reduce poverty in employment."@et1

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