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"Mr President, Somalia’s long-running conflict situation continues to leave civilians dead, wounded and displaced in large numbers. In July the UNHCR reported that forced evictions due to an ongoing military offensive resulted in almost 28 000 new displacements. International human rights and humanitarian organisations continue to report serious abuses against people living in informal displacement camps and in government-controlled areas, including rape and forced evictions. According to international human rights organisations and the UN mission in Somalia, journalists continue to be killed, threatened, arbitrarily detained and denied due process or fair trial guarantees. This is an issue of major concern, particularly given the fact that elections should take place very soon. We think that the European Union should support any effort to protect the population. We should also assist the Government of Somalia in its work to build peace and stability. On the other hand, the EU should better monitor the situation in order ensure accountability for abuses committed, fair and timely elections and legal reforms in order to secure respect for human rights. We hope that this joint resolution can help in this."@it2

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