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"Mr President, the situation in the Philippines is extremely worrying, especially after the election of President Duterte. He started with all kinds of provocations and insults, and this year became the protagonist of verbal attacks against the UN, China, the President of the United States and the Pope, with hate speeches instigating violence against suspected drug sellers and drug users. As a consequence of these promises and behaviour, according to the official information at our disposal, starting from the day of his election on 30 June 2016 until this month of September, 44 people have been killed every day – 2 927 in total – as a result of extrajudicial execution and lynching, following these hateful speeches. Duterte is an elected president and in the near future he will play a fundamental role in the complex and delicate geopolitical balance of the South China Sea between China, the United States and Russia. With this resolution we ask the authorities to investigate and condemn the action of vigilance groups, and we urge the Commission to use all available instruments to help the government in respecting its international human rights obligations. We have the duty to use all our means in order to block the rise of a new dictator and the consequences on human rights violations in the Philippines."@it2

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