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"Increased competition between economic operators has at times led to a race to the bottom as regards social conditions for European workers. The proliferation of abusive practices and unfair social competition is constantly weakening the principle of the internal market and ultimately undermines the construction of the European project. Moreover, in trying to defend their own market, some Member States have introduced protectionist measures which have further distorted the market. To respond to all these issues, the present report has aimed to bring some clarity with regard to the practice of social dumping, with the final aim of ensuring social rights in a harmonious manner across Europe. It calls for control and inspections to be strengthened, at both national and EU level, and calls for the establishment of a legal framework for the protection of all European workers. In the field of transport, a key achievement is the request for the creation of a European Road Agency, a body which could ensure the coordination of all transport policies, including social aspects, between national authorities and EU institutions."@ro2

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