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"The peaceful democratic transition process in Tunisia represents a successful example in the Arab world and its consolidation is paramount for the stability of the entire region and, as a direct consequence, for the security of Europe. However, Tunisia currently faces a difficult socio-economic situation but also security challenges mostly deriving from the situation in Libya. Furthermore, tourism, which represents a key element of the Tunisian economy, is severely affected by these circumstances and by the terrorist attacks which have targeted the country. Consequently the EU and its Member States must remain committed to working with the people of Tunisia and their government to promote common interests, including in trade, investment, tourism, culture and security. The report in question is a good and balanced text, divided into four parts: Political Reforms and Institutions; Economic and Social Development; Security and Defence; and Mobility, Research, Education and Culture. The report reemphasises the need to support Tunisia and calls for many actions such as the launch of a programme in support of the reform of the judicial sector and the rule of law and the increase of EU aid to Tunisia through the European Neighbourhood Instrument. I support this report."@ro2

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