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"Mr President, consider Switzerland – Helvetia – a prosperous, peaceful, successful country with a high level of democratic satisfaction, with the highest standard of living in the world, according to the UN, and with an amicable relationship with its neighbours in the EU. Switzerland is a partner and friend of the European Union, duplicating on a bilateral basis some of the obligations that we have to undertake as EU Member States but retaining the right to make its own laws. That seems to me a useful model for countries that are in this part of the world but outside the jurisdiction of EU institutions. There is nothing that precludes us working together as sovereign countries. Obviously, Britain is not going to copy completely what Switzerland does. We are going to be much more engaged, for example, as a member of NATO, in the defence of Europe. However, the idea of being part of the common market but outside a political union, supporting our friends and allies as they pursue closer integration but standing aside from it – surely that is a useful model that can be profitably extended not just to Britain but also to other European countries."@en1

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