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"I voted in favour of this report. Security, interconnectivity, inter-operability and energy efficiency form the core of European energy market, and we have to further work towards achieving a fully integrated European energy market that would be built on innovative approaches, ensuring cross-border competition and empowering consumers. Electricity must flow freely to where it is most needed and wanted. I especially welcome that the report calls on new and innovative approaches for smart grids and interconnectivity and on empowering decentralised generators, prosumers and consumers. This will ensure diversification of supply chains, make our systems less dependent on external energy resources and also increase conscious energy consumption. I support the notion of some pilot projects across Europe that could then be applied across the Member States. We need good and new innovative approaches to production and distribution. Lastly, a functioning internal energy market is only viable when Member States play by the same rules, act in solidarity and ensure a swift implementation of needed measures."@et1

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