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"Mr President, I support the Committee of Inquiry in regard to the investigation of emissions in the automotive sector. This work of course is triggered by the Volkswagen scandal, but the European Parliament is not the only place in Europe where Volkswagen’s actions are being questioned. Despite the fact that the Volkswagen legal team walked out, a case is proceeding in Castlebar court in County Mayo in Ireland on this issue. The case seeks to make public the original expert opinion and technical evidence VW used to develop a fix for the affected engines. The case brings to the fore the fact that there is no mechanism at European level for citizens to take a class action, and that is something we have to deal with. Volkswagen settled on a figure of USD 15 billion in relation to a class action taken in the US. EU citizens deserve no less than US citizens when it comes to defending their rights. So I say well done to those who took the case, and those who decided to hear it in the Castlebar court."@en1

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