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"Madam President, it is good that countries meet to talk things through. It is even good that the EU – for so long as it exists – tags along for the ride. But let us be clear: summits in China are not going to solve the key problems facing Europe, namely economic stagnation and the social disruption caused by uncontrolled, irregular and large—scale immigration from Africa and Asia. So long as the euro remains, growth across its members will be weak. We have had 15 years to find this out and every year provides us with more evidence. On migration, Mrs Merkel seems to expect all the Schengen countries to clear up her mess, and Mr Juncker thinks national borders should be abolished altogether. The EU’s representatives will keep going to G20 summits but every year they will be pushed a little further out to the fringes in the family photograph. The awkward truth is that, with every passing year, the failing EU and its members count for less in the world. Mr Moscovici is right to say that the UK will remain a decisive European country in the years ahead. I very much hope that it can be a beacon for Europe, encouraging other European countries to take back control of their politics at a national level and make good use of the extra social solidarity that the nation-state provides. Only by harnessing this can European voices command the influence in the world that our great continent deserves."@en1

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