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"Madam President, is the Commission apolitical? Well, recent statements by Moscovici and Vestager about the EUR 13 billion simply waiting for Ireland to collect have convinced me that it is not. They have said Ireland can spend all of this money on hospitals and schools, yet they know that many other countries, including the US are already lining up to get their fair share of the cake, and that whatever share is left for Ireland will be a fraction. Yet they have dangled what I now call the ‘Brussels bribe’ in front of our noses. Our French Commissioner rubbed our noses in it by expressing his surprise: the Irish did not want this money in light of the crisis. This is the self-same Commission that, as part of the Troika, forced us to shoulder over 60% of the cost of the crisis and to pay unsecured bondholders, some of whom, I have no doubt, were in French banks. It reminds me of the Brexiteers who promised EUR 350 million per week to the UK National Health Service if people voted to leave. It is the worst kind of politics from the Commission: promising what you cannot deliver."@en1

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