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"Madam President, Europe has always been a leading donor for people in need, but today there is more at stake than before in terms of aid. Mass migration creates a new humanitarian and security situation, not only in Africa but in Europe. Our primary task is to lend a hand in crisis areas. The EU Trust Fund aims to prevent displacement but we have to go further and we need a clear strategy. I would like a really clear strategy on protecting vulnerable communities in their homeland. Without a common European strategy we cannot overcome the challenges of irregular migration. If you look at Africa, displacement is often driven by religious hatred. Europe is responsible for these people, whose basic rights are in danger. We need to join forces in relief activities, and the EU Trust Fund that we have discussed today strongly promotes this idea. Let me make a serious suggestion here: EU action will be more effective if we bring religious organisations on board as well. They manage efficiently functioning local relief networks. The efficiency of organised church bodies often exceeds that of public aid. It would be a failure to ignore their local experience as they have a significant impact on creating social stability. Without this cooperation, negative impacts will increase in the future. We need a new level of comprehensive support in this situation: we are helping them and they are showing up in Europe. The recent illegal migration has been handled through the improvement of security and economic development to stop the displacement. Finally, I thank my colleagues very much for their efforts in this work."@hu2

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