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"Mr President, I really do highly appreciate the efforts of the High Representative in promoting human rights in various parts of the globe and, Madam High Representative, we very much welcome your special engagement on freedom of religion that showed in the last year. We have ensured that this important issue gets the attention it deserves and believe that the recently appointed Special Envoy for the promotion of freedom of religion outside the EU, Mr Figeľ, will notably contribute to common actions and fully encourage the Commission to consequently bring forward this engagement. Let me point out some suggestions as well. Firstly, the Institution for Development Cooperation must recognise the enormous work done by the churches and their organisations in humanitarian relief worldwide. Also regarding development cooperation, the EU cannot make compromises in countries where human rights such as religious freedom are in danger. Europe must show zero tolerance towards oppressive regimes in development agreements. Secondly, in early February Parliament passed an historic decision on the recognition of genocide against religious minorities by Daesh. Naming the crime by its true legal name is the first step to really addressing these atrocities by radicals. Thirdly and finally, protection of religious minorities is the major security factor in the Middle East. We must recognise the geostrategic importance of the presence of Christians and other minorities. They must contribute to the social balance of the countries, including in the future."@hu2

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