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"I voted in favour of this report. A better functioning and better equipped Frontex has been needed for some time, but enhancing its capacities became urgent with the 2015 migration flows, where an estimated 1.5 million persons crossed the EU external borders illegally. The renewed Frontex – European Border and Coast Guard Agency – will have greater powers and responsibilities, being able to provide assistance to any EU Member State facing a disproportionate migratory pressure or any other challenge. It will have an obligatory pool of 1500 border guards and of technical equipment at its disposal that can be deployed within seven days whenever needed. It is also relevant that if a Member State refuses to cooperate with the new Agency, and its non-cooperation will jeopardize the functioning of the Schengen zone, other Member States can reintroduce, as a last resort, temporary border controls. I urge all the Member States to fully cooperate with the Agency and contribute to our common interest in protecting Europe’s external borders."@et1

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