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"Mr President, I will speak in my own language for this one simply because I think the issue we are debating goes to the heart of the difference between a single market and the common market. Everyone on both sides in the recent UK referendum is in favour of a common market in the sense of unrestricted trade and opportunities to benefit mutually from commerce with our friends across the Channel, but when we get to regulating issues of this sort – emissions limits for non-road mobile machinery – we realise that, instead of a market that deals with mutual product recognition and cross-border issues, we are entering a single regulatory regime. Every country in the world, pretty much, has access to the EU single market. If you look at what it says on the back of your smartphone, it says ‘designed in California, assembled in China’. Neither of those countries has a trade deal with the EU but, of course, we are still able to purchase their products. What the argument will now be about is the extent to which the UK accepts continuing jurisdiction over the bits of its exports that do not go to the EU, and I hope that those talks will take place in a friendly atmosphere, taking for granted, I hope, our continuing military, diplomatic and commercial ties to countries which, in any dispensation, will remain our friends and our allies."@en1

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