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"Mr President, everybody has a different reason for Brexit. For some, it is globalisation, too much trade; for others, we need more trade, we need to open more markets. For some, it is the democratic deficit; for others we need ever-closer union. For some, it is all those rules from Brussels which hamper business, disrupt agriculture and annoy citizens; for others, we need more rules to protect the environment. We need to enhance health and safety at work, and we need to clamp down on tax evasion by multinationals. In truth, it is a combination of all of those things, but if there is a common thread, it is that, for one reason or another, people in the UK were not convinced that the EU was a positive project that they wanted to be part of. There are no easy answers, but that is our challenge in the EU. In my opinion, we can reconnect to citizens if we put Social Europe and Economic Europe side by side, and if the EU is seen as a lever that will reduce inequalities, both between and within Member States. Now, more than ever, we sink or we swim together."@en1

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