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"You are quite right, Mr Schulz, UKIP used to protest against the establishment, and now the establishment protests against UKIP, so something has happened here. Let us listen to some simple pragmatic economics. We, between us, between your countries and my country, do an enormous amount of business in goods and services. That trade is mutually beneficial to both of us. That trade matters. If you were to decide to cut off your noses to spite your faces and to reject any idea of a sensible trade deal, the consequences would be far worse for you than it would be for us. Even no deal is better for the United Kingdom than the current rotten deal that we have got. But if we were to move to a position where tariffs were reintroduced on products like motor cars, then hundreds of thousands of German workers would risk losing their jobs. So why don’t we just be pragmatic, sensible, grown-up, realistic and let’s cut between us a sensible tariff-free deal, and thereafter recognise that the United Kingdom will be your friend, that we will trade with you, we will cooperate with you, we will be your best friends in the world, but do it sensibly and allow us to go off and pursue our global ambitions and future."@en1
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