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"Recent terrorist attacks have directly pointed at one of the biggest vulnerabilities of the EU – fragmentation of the Union’s information systems, exposing their inadequate interoperability and interconnectedness. Substantial amount of information is gathered around EU. However, it is not shared enough among the MS, nor is it fed into common information database. The existing databases are not used to their maximum capacity. Lack of trust between Member States and distrust for common databases is deeply rooted. One of the causes of such a deficiency of trust roots in different level of cyber security around Europe. Protection of critical information systems has to be upgraded to the maximum efficiency level in all Member States; only based on such level can one expect maximum sharing of information. I look forward to the framework on interoperability and interconnectedness of the information systems. In order to detect, follow and prevent terrorism and cross-border crime, law enforcement, border guards and other relevant players need a real time access to quality information of all EU databases. Member States should show political leadership, and implement what they declare – share, feed and use relevant information."@et1

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