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"I voted in favour of this resolution. European Parliament stands in solidarity with the people of Venezuela. The rapidly deteriorating situation of human rights, democracy and rule of law gives reason to grave concern. The opposition had one month to gather 200 000 signatures to support a referendum to force President Maduro out of office, within a week they collected more than 1.8 million. This is a clear sign that Venezuelan people want a change and a way out of an authoritarian rule. Venezuelan economy is expected to shrink this year by further 8%, there is a shortage of everything from electricity to basic nutrition. It has become a situation of permanent crisis that both the current president Maduro and his predecessor Chavez are to be held responsible for. Venezuela holds one of the biggest oil reserves of the planet, and yet people are told not to blow-dry their hair in order to save electricity. We call on the Venezuelan government: to respect the peacefully elected new National to release political prisoners to respect the legal mechanisms relating to the call for a referendum on the continuity of the President of the country before the end of 2016."@et1

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