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"I support the dossier of this landmark deal which was one of the significant outcomes from the Nairobi Ministerial. It aims to eliminate tariffs on information technology products valued at over $1.3 trillion per year. Negotiations on the expanded Information Technology Agreement of 1996 (ITA) were conducted by 53 WTO members, including both developed and developing countries, which account for approximately 90 per cent of world trade in these products. However, we shall remember that all WTO members will benefit from the agreement, as they will all enjoy duty-free market access to the markets of the members eliminating tariffs on these products. The expanded ITA should boost the EU manufacturing sector, allowing easier access to new markets; like its 1996-predecessor it should continue to promote jobs, offer lower prices to consumers and boost economic growth and foster innovation. It will benefit consumers, producers and the economies of both the EU and partner countries. I look forward to another update of ITA in 2018. I hope that when negotiations reopen then and progress would be made in reducing non-tariff barriers."@ro2

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