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"The efforts of the EC and EIB to reduce the EU investment gap show potential, especially in increased investments for a greater number of SMEs. It has to remain clear that the EFSI financial support is additional; more private investment is yet to be attracted in order to generate more for the real economy. The success of boosting investments for an effective response to the economic and social crisis really depends on Investment Plan’s implementation achievements. Projects and agreements to benefit from EFSI have been approved in almost all member state. Some countries are still struggling and Romania is one of them. I believe that CEE is a region where investments are needed the most and the EC should do more to help these countries in attracting private investment. The role of the EIB is crucial here - more projects need to be supported to pass the AAA rating. Without that we cannot talk about economic growth, social cohesion or transition to a sustainable economy. I welcome the extension of the lifetime of the EFSI beyond 2018, but it needs to show more results and deliver better on the ground."@ro2

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