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"I voted in favour of this report. This report contains numerous relevant proposals how to reinforce and deepen the single market. Ideally the EU should be an open, innovative, welcoming single market. Unfortunately, even more than a decade after starting the process, we still face similar obstacles. The EU single market is still controlled by national borders to an extent that does not foster proper cross-border business making, cross-border services exchange, healthy labour mobility (that would in fact give European youth better starting point for finding proper jobs). Cumbersome procedures and complying with national standards and norms prevent many businesses, especially SMEs and microbusinesses to expand their activities across the borders. I call on the EC and the MS to take political leadership and rapidly eliminate remaining obstacles and minimize the impact of national borders on European Single Market. I call on developing and implementing innovative measures to reduce bureaucracy and compliance, enable access to seed and especially innovation financing. Common e-certificates, e-signatures, e-platforms accepted by all Member States are a must. Lastly, the report underlines mismatch of skills with rapidly developing digital sphere – action has to start now, from children to elderly, boosting digital literacy is key to provide sustainable and innovative European Single Market."@et1

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