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"In the EU 7 million more women live in poverty than men, bringing the total number up to 65 million women living in poverty (Eurostat). Worldwide, women earn only 10% of the world’s income and own less than 1% of the world’s property (UNHCR). However, these low figures are not reflected in the workforce, as women work two—thirds of the world’s working hours and produce half of the world’s food. Female poverty is caused by factors such as pay and pension gaps, which are at 16.3% and 39%, respectively, gender stereotypes and lack of work—life balance. This report highlights the importance of gender—balanced working environments and urges Member States to introduce family—friendly working arrangements. Furthermore, the Commission is asked to bring new proposals for maternity, parental care and paternity leaves and to increase women’s participation in the labour market. I support this report and I believe that women and girls have to be empowered in all economic and social sectors, in order to break the cycle of poverty for future generations."@ro2

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