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"The European Union’s financial assistance to workers made redundant should be dynamic and made available as quickly and efficiently as possible. France submitted the application EGF/2015/010 FR/MoryGlobal for a financial contribution from the EGF, which will support 2 513 former Mory-Ducros workers and amounts to EUR 6 052 200. Redundancies in MoryGlobal are linked to the general decline in physical output in Europe, caused by major structural changes in world trade patterns. This has led to a reduction in volumes to be transported and a price war in the road haulage sector, followed by a wave of bankruptcies. It is important to take into account the sensitivity of the specific labour market since France has the highest share of EU-28 value added within the land transport services sector. Moreover, considering that workers in the 55-64 age group are at a higher risk of long-term unemployment and exclusion from the labour market with the possible effect of social exclusion, the specific needs when it comes to providing them with a personalised approach need to be kept in mind. I therefore support assisting the redundant workers and helping them find solutions to remain in the labour market and find new jobs."@ro2

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