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"Madam President, the sad truth is that the European Commissioners are going to be excluded from the only meaningful action at the G7 summit, which will be more blood-curdling warnings to the British not to dare to vote to leave the EU. You see, the likes of Mr Juncker and Mr Timmermans, and Mr Tusk as well, are judged to be counterproductive even to Project Fear as a reminder to voters of eurozone folly and wider EU economic failure. How embarrassing it must be for the EU’s representatives to turn up to each G7 with yet another excuse for economic failure. This time, according to the Commission’s own fact sheet, they intend to claim that despite a more difficult global environment the EU’s recovery continues. That reminds me of the old line about never letting the facts get in the way of a good story. We are told the economy in all Member States will grow next year, albeit unevenly – that is one word for it. The Commission’s G7 factsheet says that investment, although still low compared with pre-crisis levels, is ‘gaining traction’. Traction in my country is what we put patients in when they have serious fractures. Let me remind you that the crisis was in 2008, yet recovery has still not taken a firm hold. The fact sheet hopes to get average unemployment in the EU below 10% in 2017. That is not a fact sheet, it is a wish list. And it is always ‘jam tomorrow’, is it not? As the much-loved British sitcom character Del Boy used to say, ‘this time next year we could be millionaires’. It is not going to happen under the euro, the euro is a losers’ currency. It is not a case of the eurozone battling against the global environment so much as the euro dragging down the global economic environment. And instead of facing up to this, no doubt even now you will be dreaming up your excuses for the 2017 summit, predicting that 2018 will be your year. Face it: the dog did not eat your homework, the euro killed your growth."@en1

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