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"Long awaited proposals on boosting digital single market were presented. Although aimed to tear down digital walls, unfortunately the EC proposal does not seem to reach far enough. Measures concerning geoblocking, geodiscrimination of online sales, content and payments are to be welcomed, but they seem to be more of a cosmetic nature than substantially enhancing the potential of the digital single market. I hope that the EP and the Member States will expand the proposals on e-commerce. I welcome the measures foreseen to make parcel delivery costs transparent that could push the service providers to change their price policy and by that boosting cross-border delivery service and e-commerce. It is regrettable that the provisions on online sales do not aim to completely abolish geodiscrimination and are limited only to sale, but not to delivery. In my view everyone should be able to purchase goods online everywhere in the EU and have it delivered to their home country paying the existing parcel delivery price. Also, it is unfortunate that whereas geodiscrimination of payment methods has been reduced, it would still allow merchants to limit payments to local cards, such as bancontact or girocard and therefore exclude everyone not in possession of concrete Belgian or German payment card."@et1

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