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"Madam President, only 2.7% of fathers take parental leave across the EU, despite the fact that we have the option of fathers taking up to four months. One of the major issues here is that parental leave in most Member States is unpaid or very poorly paid. According to the OECD, in France you can take up to 28 weeks of paid parental or paternity leave. In the UK it is two weeks, in the Netherlands and Greece, it is just two days. In Ireland, as of yet, we have no paid parental or paternity leave. We need both. This is a crucial issue if we want parents, but in particular fathers, to use parental leave. A policy instrument called ‘daddy quotas’ where a part of the parental leave is reserved for the father has been successful in very many Nordic countries. We have another possibility called ‘bonus months’ where if the parents agree to share the parental leave, they are given bonus paid weeks. Finally, let me say that, once again, this morning, I called on the Commission to put in place a carers leave directive and I am very anxiously awaiting the new start for parents and carers that Commissioner Jourová promised this morning."@en1

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