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"Madam President, first of all let me say that for many years I pushed hard to ensure country of origin labelling for poultry meat, and last April I was very pleased to see that poultry meat, pig meat, sheep meat etcetera had mandatory country of origin labelling. However, we still have some loopholes in relation to processed meat, and this resolution today is an attempt to start, or continue, the conversation around how to ensure that consumers have sufficient information to make informed judgments, without ensuring we have disproportionate costs. With regard to milk and dairy produce there are some difficulties, and I was disappointed that we did not recognise this by supporting Amendment 5 which highlighted the negative effect mandatory labelling could have on dairies in border regions. We need to look at this issue, but it is very important to remember that country of origin labelling often supports locally produced milk rather than the cheapest milk sourced from anywhere in the world. Finally, I was happy to see that Parliament agreed that any country of origin labelling would not be weakened by any trade agreements, including TTIP."@en1

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