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"The asylum reform is lagging behind reality. The new EC proposal does not amount to a comprehensive solution. Probably quite some Member States and MEPs will not agree with the proposed corrective allocation mechanism in cases of disproportionate number of asylum applications, foreseeing also a payment of EUR 250 000 per refused applicant. Solidarity cannot be enforced by disciplinary measures, it shouldn’t put the validity of subsidiarity principle under doubt. The proposed mechanism will enable a MS to buy itself free from solidarity. I am afraid that instead of contributing to more solidarity this will create more tension and induce new cracks in EU unity. The EC proposal doesn´t address one of the major problems – the massive, organised human trafficking by criminal gangs. According to Europol 90% of asylum seekers in 2015 had used the services of human traffickers, thus creating them a profit between EUR 3-6 billion. This extorted money flows mostly to organised crime and Islamic extremists. EU needs a rapid and comprehensive solution to clamp down on international criminal networks. Lastly, return of people who do not qualify for admission seems not to work. Only 1/3 of those who were refused asylum have been actually sent back, leaving 2/3 to hover in unknown."@et1

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