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"Mr President, what we are seeing with the migration crisis is the tragedy of the Commons. By dismantling national frontiers and focusing only on an external one, we have incentivised – and thereby greatly exacerbated – the net influx of illicit migrants into the EU. Of course, if your starting point is that the EU should be a single country and should therefore just have a single border and not have what are called internal frontiers, that may be a price worth paying. But we should be very clear that this is the elevation of the dogma of closer amalgamation over any practical consequences, in the same way that the euro is now about preserving closer integration despite the immiseration being inflicted on tens of millions of people who have to use the euro. In a way, the choice that Britain faces on 23 June is whether to make those problems our problems. Because we kept our passport checks and because we kept our currency, we have other options. We can reorient back to the rest of the world the bits of the world that are still growing."@en1

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