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"I voted in favour on the regulation on Europol. The interconnectedness of cross-border crimes, such as terrorism, organised crime, especially human trafficking and cyber crime/cyber threats, require a strong mandate for Europol. I welcome the fact that judicial cooperation between Europol and Eurojust, processing information from private parties will be enabled and better cooperation with Member States, with other EU bodies in general, and under special circumstances cooperation with private parties and third countries is made possible. Preventing crime and terrorism is only possible if different bodies and levels interact with each other. The new data protection package will provide for necessary guarantees to prevent data breaches. I especially welcome creating a new body within Europol – the Internet Referral Unit (IRU) to combat terrorist propaganda and violent extremism online. Most importantly, these changes need to be accompanied by adequate budgetary adjustments to meet the real needs to carry out the extensive tasks Europol is assigned to, that should also lead to increased number of staff. Finally, high level commitment and engagement by Member States in ensuring rapid response and information transfer and full operational cooperation."@et1

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