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"Madam President, in addressing the Commissioner, I want to concentrate on the threat to agriculture, in particular the European beef industry, and I want to ask: what about equivalence of standards? EU farmers are surely entitled to know that they operate on a level playing field when it comes to environmental, food safety, food traceability, consumer protection and animal welfare standards. We quite rightly insist on those standards in the EU. Those standards mean significant extra costs for EU farmers. It has been estimated that it could be in excess of EUR 200 per head. Whatever the figure is, it is hugely significant and we know from previous experience, when the IFA and the Irish Farmers’ Journal went to Brazil, that EU implementation of equivalence of standards leaves a lot to be desired. I am not saying no to trade, Commissioner, but I am saying we need a level playing field, otherwise how can we expect European beef farmers to survive? Finally, Commissioner, can you confirm what Commissioner Hogan said: that beef will not be included in market access offers which will be presented to Mercosur this week, and can you guarantee that there will be no ..."@en1

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